June 15, 2024

Nowadays, jewelry is all about spark and shine. But have you ever thought of wooden jewelry? Yes, these traditional-like pieces can just be as captivating as the other sparkling jewelry. With modernized modifications, wooden jewelry is current world’s trend.Aside from the appearance purpose, wooden jewelry can also be used to indicate one’s personality, position, symbol of faith and identification. Some also still believe that by wearing wooden jewelry can bring them good luck and abundance in necessities.Wooden jewelry comes in almost all shapes of jewelry. Brooches, rings, bracelets, hair accessories, earrings and etc. Wooden jewelry can be combined with beads, gemstones and other materials. One of the most considered material to combine with wood is metals, as some crafters suggest them to make the wooden jewelry stronger and more durable.If you have a worry in durability, these are two types of wood available to be made to jewelry:Satine Rubane: this wood is very durable. It has rich red color with gold luster or yellow stripes. The polish is very natural.Ebony: a wonderful tree for jewelry choice. This wood is very heavy as it sinks in water. Ebony also polishes very well and is considered to be one of the best choices as wooden jewelry.Other types such as rosewood, maple, bamboo, cherry, holly and mahogany also count as the most common choices for jewelry.Wooden bracelets are mostly composed of laminated pieces of wood, while other is made of wooden beads. Hair barrettes are sometimes made of French back designs.Old-fashioned jewelry pieces that have at least lasted for 70 years are considered as ‘antique’. They are investment in money and memorial aspects. The jewelry from Victorian, Edwardian, Art nouveau and Art deco periods have high historic value. They’ve never gone out of fashion since centuries ago.Unique type of Victorian jewelry is hair jewelry; it once served as personal memento. Art deco period refers to 1920-1935. During that time, they produced pieces in bright colors and lines. The most popular pieces were long earrings. They’re often studded with emeralds and sapphires and they’re often referred as pieces for queen.During 1890-1919, Art deco jewelry was dominating the market. Art deco used nature motifs such as flowers and butterflies. They also used precious and semi-precious gemstones. While during 1901-1915 was owned by Edwardian jewelry. This type of jewelry had diamonds, pearls and platinum.You can get these antique pieces by looking through auctions, fairs or sales. They’re not always considered as “very rare”, as you can find them if you know where to look. As example, even though uncommon, antique shops are existent. You will be able to find good quality pieces. Through online shops, you can also find few shops that are still selling the rare pieces, you can almost find anything on the internet.The advantage of owning antique jewelry besides its beauty is the acquaintance with the history and culture. They’re epitome of delicacy, charm, ethereal and bygone era. They can also last the longest and prove to be the best investment.