June 15, 2024

It is perplexing why the process of hiring brand ambassadors is often glazed over and taken for granted. Often, consumer product marketing folks get so wrapped up in the logistics and strategies of their marketing platforms that they over-look the importance of hiring the right brand ambassadors. But, in today’s economy, brands and marketing companies must pay closer attention in order to ensure a successful execution of an event. Part of this planning process should be the scrutiny of hiring effective brand ambassadors which will represent the brand and ultimately engage the consumer and if they do their job correctly, align the brand message with the consumers.

So, how do you effectively hire brand ambassadors which will maximize your marketing budget?

Well, the first thing I would suggest is to know your brand’s (or your client’s brand-if you are a creative entity hired out) image. What I mean here is, if your client is a luxury car brand, you probably wouldn’t hire twenty somethings with a grunge look. It is important to match or mirror your target demographic with your promotional staff. Would you listen to a kid with piercings and tattoos regarding buying the new Ferrari California? Probably not the best fit for the product, right? Now, other youngsters would probably listen to the same kid on the coolness of owning a Scion XB or something along those lines. Once you understand the brand image, then you can formulate description guidelines of the brand ambassadors to convey to the event staffing company you are working with, so they can hire the appropriate people.

When dealing with an event staffing and promotional staffing company such as mine, having specific image requirements makes things quite a bit easier and ensures you’ll get the right look to represent your brand. Now, if you are unsure of the best look, then we’ll assist you flush that out, but you may want to re-look at your platform to make sure you are ready to move forward. Again, we would help you figure this out. It is also a great idea especially, if you have smaller staffing requirements to request to see photos of the available brand ambassadors to make sure they are what you expect. We typically will create a dossier of available promotional models for our clients to review so our clients can hand pick the representatives they want promoting their brands. For large promotions it is usually most efficient to give exact guidelines to your event staffing company so they can appropriately find and hire the right staff for the promotion.

But, it doesn’t stop at having the right look for the brand ambassadors, they must be well versed on your brand’s message too. Being able to engage your target demographic is not just about looks but about how the brand ambassadors engage and connect with your intended consumers.

How do you utilize your brand ambassadors to maximize your marketing dollars?

You will want to forward any training information/materials to your event staffing company so they can distribute the information to the brand ambassadors. Depending on the complexity of the promotion or event, you may want to invest in conducting a training session with the selected brand ambassadors. This is great for two reasons, the obvious is the folks representing your brand will get the appropriate message to delver right from you and you can also use this training session to ensure the selections meet your expectations in person. Are they engaging? Outgoing? Do they look like your brand’s image in person? Do they have a terrific attitude? These type of questions are vital to the success of your event. Brand ambassadors are the first faces and personalities your brand’s consumers typically first meet at events/promotions and we know what they say: First impressions are usually lasting impressions. If a brand ambassador isn’t engaging then it could leave a bad taste on your consumer’s palette.

Maximizing your marketing dollars at a promotional event is directly related to the brand ambassadors who are delivering your brand’s image.

Timothy Owens is the founder of Provoke Marketing, a promotional event staffing firm based in southern California.